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TYPE II R EN Certified Masks

Giving Back to the Community

Block, Breathe, Be-Safe

Our commitment is to give back to the community. We are ensuring that every person has quick and affordable access to protective products that are certified and can be relied upon to keep you safe.  

With over 20 years experience in the PPE Industry, we can guarantee our products will always be certified to the necessary CE and EN Standards

What our customers say

A pleasure talking to you earlier. I would like to say it again: thank you very much for your professionalism, and high standard customer service provided. As I mentioned over the phone, I was absolutely shocked to get my order delivered in less than 24 hours - I wish at least half of the companies I order from would be that prompt!


Got my order next day, which at the moment is almost unheard of for masks, thanks so much x

Ingrid B

Finally some properly certified masks ! Got my delivery when they said it would arrive, I Would recommend to anyone. Thanks.

Raj B